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Starlight Letter Project


hello my fellow Starlights!★

you’re probably wondering what this is, right? well, in past few weeks I’ve talked to some of you, and a lot of people are always saying how they’re too shy, don’t know how to translate, or how to send VIXX letters. I’ve thought about it, and I want to offer you the possibility of conveying your thoughts to the boys, as well as let them know how loved they are by international fans. :)

I will be starting a project wherein you can send me the things you want to tell VIXX in a letter. originally I wanted to do this for Hakyeon only, but I’ve decided to include all members!


  1. the submission period will be a month each time, as I am planning to be sending one letter per month, and then the submission period will start anew for the next month. :)
  2. I will be choosing 6 submissions each time (one for each member) and translate them into korean, and then send them to JFE.
  3. your submission should not go over the limit of 100 words! if it’s over the limit, I will have to reject it.
  4. the submission deadline will be the same for each month: it will begin on the 24rth till the 23rd of each month - e.g. the deadline will for january will start on november 24th and go till december 23rd, the one for february from december 24th till january 23rd, and so on. please note that in the subject line you need to write the month and year of the letter you want to submit for! that way it will be easier to keep track of submissions.
  5. I will be posting a picture of the final results each month while tagging the submissions that have been chosen, so you know if your letter has been included or not.
  6. if your submission hasn’t been chosen, you are free to submit another one the next month. if it has been chosen, however, please wait another month before submitting again. :)
  7. please send the submissions in form of the application below! any submissions sent otherwise will not be considered.
  8. please send your submission to: - if you want to have a confirmation that I received your submission, please write so under the application form! :)
  9. lastly: please keep the content of your letter appropriate! anything sexual or otherwise problematic will not be accepted, and your submission will be rejected right away. this is to show VIXX our support and love, not to creep them out with weird messages.

please note that I do not take any responsibility if the letter does in fact arrive. we have no way of knowing if it does, but I will do what’s in my power to have it delivered.

also, for those of you that want to send letters to JFE and the boys on your own, please refer to fyeah-vixx’s faq here - they have JFE’s postal address posted, as well as the restrictions and condition for sending letters!


subject line: Starlight Letter Project [Month/Year]
real name:
tumblr url:
to member:
submission (no more than 100 words):
send me a confirmation mail: yes/no

I hope you will like this little project, and find in nice to participate in it :) please share and signal boost this post, if you can. if you have any question regarding the project, please feel free to ask me!

thank you for reading and maybe participating! :)

the first letter will be sent on december 1rst, and the submission time goes from now to november 23rd, which should give you enough time to think about your submission. :)



Starlights, Leo is far behind first place at 38.17% compared to first place’s 60.00%! A lot of K-starlights think that the voting for birthday star ended, which is why they are voting for President of November, which we are against Beast. There has been a “deal” before that Starlights would let Beast win president to focus on the birthday star, and so Beauties have been voting for Leo for birthday star to show their gratitude. We can’t betray Beauties last minute for all they’ve done for us, and moreover, we CANNOT let Leo lose by such a huge margin. The votes are accumulated over the whole voting period to calculate who wins in the end, and Leo has won most days, but if the gap is very large in the last day, we might not be able to win. So PLEASE vote for Leo on Fandom School if you have not already!

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